Richard R. Powell

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writer | canoeist | photographer | empath 

My highest value is beauty. I seek it in nature, ideas, and people. My second highest value is truth. I seek it in thinking, relationships, and perception. I trust the great traditions, science, and my own intuition, and I know that none of them are infallible. Since science has spent the most time creating a method to prevent deception, including self-deception, I trust it the most. But I also trust the eons of natural selection recorded in my genome. And I study religion, literature, and art tuned as they are for the heart. I appreciate the sparks of genius that come to all who think and question and ponder. It remains strangely evident -- the truth sets us free.


  1. Thank you for blogging about kayaking and life. We just started kayaking and found this info very helpful. Long live you and your blog.

  2. Thanks Mo, your words of encouragement are appreciated.

  3. Thanks Richard! I truly enjoyed those posts on mushrooms.